About Us.

Meet Tanner, the passionate owner and founder of DM.​ Having grown up in Prosper Texas, Tanner watched as the North Texas area boomed into what it is today. Global Corporations had flooded every town, and agencies grew to cater enterprise clientele. Meanwhile, the private businesses that did exist lacked either the finances to pay the large agencies, or knowledge to digitally compete in the market. With agencies and freelancers taking full advantage of the unsuspecting business owner, Tanner knew he needed to educate and invigorate the North Texas market with an honest and passionate alternative. While still attending the University of North Texas as a full-time MBA student, Tanner founded DM to do exactly that.

DM is a Dallas, Texas based independent creative and digital marketing agency established in 2016. We founded ourselves to support private business owners, helping them compete with larger brands and building powerful communities to embrace their success. Though we have grown since then, we still stand by our values and are proud to continue working with many of our founding clientele.

We offer completely upfront pricing for everything we do because we take pride in our product and service. There are absolutely zero secrets between us and our clients. We have industry leading service standards and passion for everything we do. Thank you for taking the time to explore our website, ask us anything.


850 Cook Lane
Prosper, TX 75078

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